How to Register at OKBET

OKBET registration will guide you through the simple registration procedure. Also, it might assist you in setting up your betting account quickly and easily. Furthermore, placing a wager after completing the brief registration process may save you time and effort.


Feel free to visit the OKBET website to register an account (


On the right side of the OKBET website, click the “sign-up” button.

When you click, you may see a sign-up form on your screen containing the following information:

Referral Code

Since not all players have this referral code, it is optional to fill it out. However, if a buddy sends you a code as an encouragement present, you can enter it in the form. You may also have this and provide the codes to potential players to earn a referral bonus.


To verify your request on the website, you must give a unique username (if the username had taken, it appear on the screen).


In creating a password, use a combination of small and capital letters, a special character, and a number. Besides that, to secure your OKBET account, use a secure and unique password.

Confirm Password 

Enter the chosen password again to test whether they match.

Withdrawal Pin

Enter your withdrawal pin. You can use it to withdraw your profits if you win a bet.

Phone Number

To get notifications and updates to your OKBET account, provide your active mobile phone number.

The SMS verification code

After entering your active mobile number, you will receive a verification code that will allow you to link your mobile number to your OKBET registration account.


You will get an SMS verification code after entering your phone numbers. After that, input the code and click the sign-up button.


You are now a member of OKBET as a result of this. Logging in will now allow you to access your account. On the right side, enter your username and password, then click Login (blue button).


So, congratulations, you are now an OKBET member. It’s now time to play, place your bets, and win!

How to Deposit at OKBET

OKBET will guide you through the depositing procedure and make it as simple as possible. Let’s start with how to make a deposit at OKBET. In addition, the measures listed below may make things easier for you.


Go to the OKBET registration website (


Go to the login section.


Provide your username and password, then press the login button.


You are now on the OKBET home page. Then, at the top of the OKBET page, go to the right and select deposit.

When you press the deposit button, the following information appears on your screen:

Transfer and Recharge record

If you need to make a deposit, go to Transfer. Also, select “Recharge record” if you simply want to review your deposited transaction.


When you click on one of them, you’ll be sent to a page with a list of banks and e-wallets. A bank/e-wallet card may also appear on your screen.


In the Top-up information section, copy and paste the account number and name.

Top-up information:

Top-up amount – Fill in the deposit amount here.


Verified name – You can type your verified name or copy and paste the information above into the Bankcard.


Bank card number – Enter your bank account number or copy and paste it from the bank card above.


Top-up time – Enter the day and time when you deposit or use the calendar on the right side to pick the date and time.


Current balance – Your current balance will be displayed automatically in this area. It will also show you if you have any remaining funds or if you need to make a deposit.


Submit – Lastly, click “Submit” to make a successful deposit, and you’re done.

How to Withdraw from OKBET

At OKBET, you do not have to go through the inconvenience of withdrawing your money. As soon as possible, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to withdraw your funds. Let’s get started by reading the following guides:


To begin, go to the OKBET registration website (

Turn right and go to the log-in page. Also, click the login button after entering your login name and password.


Go to “My Profile”


Click “My Details.”


The “Enter your personal information” may display on the screen. After that, fill your real name in the blank and click the “submit” button.


Once your personal information was edited was successful. Go to the Withdraw button.

Then the withdraw section may display on your screen. Below that you will see the following:

Bank card and e-Wallet

If you choose the bank card or E-wallet, you need to bind your card there by clicking the “adding name” button.


Once you click the “adding name” section, the following may appear on your screen:

Fill out all the necessary forms and then click the submit.


When the “Your updating is completed, back card success” appears on your screen, click “confirm” below the quotes.

Moreover, you will see the Withdrawal Information:

The withdrawal bank

Lastly, fill out the withdrawal bank, amount, and password, click “submit.” Then you successfully withdraw your money from your OKBET account.