How to Bet on Football with Okbet in a Legal Way

In the United States, football is the most popular sport, but now Filipinos can bet on both domestic and international leagues. It’s a new sport in the Philippines, and the people there seem to like it. Here are just a few places inside and outside the country where people can play games on football.

The legal okbet site lets you bet on the Philippines-American Football League or any of its other leagues. This page has all you want to be aware of legally using okbet to bet on football.

How Football Started in the Philippines

Let’s find out where football came from before we learn how to legally use okbet to bet on football. With the start of the Philippine Tackle Football League, football in the country finally had rules. The show began in 2009 and had six seasons. At first, it knows as ArenaBall Philippines. During the league’s run, there were a total of 8 teams: the Bandits, Knights, Renegades, Wolves, Vanguards, Barracudas (Season 1), Juggernauts (Seasons 1-5), and Rebels (Seasons 2-5).

The vast majority of the games held at the PhilSports Complex. The Bandits won five championships before the league broke up in 2015 and replaced by the Philippine American Football League, which is still strong.

Is it okay to bet on football in the Philippines?

Yes. It is legal to bet on sports in the Philippines, especially if you bet on one of the licensed websites like okbet. PAGCOR, the group in charge of gambling in the area, gives people in the area several choices.

People from the Philippines can bet through a licensed and regulated offshore site. You can choose to bet through PAGCOR or licensed sites in other countries.

How to Use Okbet to Bet on Football

When betting on NFL or Philippine football games, watch out for a few things. You can make more than one bet on most sites, especially okbet. The most common football bets on okbet are the point spread, where you pick a group to win or lose by a particular number of focuses, the Moneyline, where you choose a team to win outright, and the over/under (betting on the total score). The props are another popular type of bet on okbet.

Wagers on whether something will occur in a game are called “props.” You can bet, for instance, that a particular player will run or pass for ‘x’ yards. You can wager on the number of punishments in a game or whether or not the defense will score a touchdown. Here are some examples of prop bets in the NFL or Philippine Football. You can make different kinds of bets depending on which sportsbook you use.


We already know that using okbet to play on football legally is possible. Because okbet is one of the sites licensed by PAGCOR, you can be sure that your prediction is safe. Okbet wants all its players to be happy, so they gave some tips on legally betting on football with okbet.

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